Recently, I asked my mom where I went to kindergarten. She didn’t know, but thinks I probably went somewhere. “In Delaware, maybe?” • I skipped first grade • After fourth grade, I moved from Monroe Elementary to Monte Vista Elementary. It was only across town, but nearly forty years later, I still have many good friends from Monte Vista, and I haven’t spoken to anyone at Monroe since 1978. It makes me wonder what my life would have been like if I had stayed at Monroe. If you stayed at Monroe, please email me and let me know. Or if you’re in jail, send me a letter • At La Colina Junior High School, I made a dustpan in metal shop. I still have this dustpan • I graduated from Santa Barbara High School a semester early so that I could travel around the world with a local doctor who worked for an international relief agency. As it turned out, she wasn’t a doctor, and didn’t work for an international relief agency • In high school, my best friend Jay and I spent a lot of time making lists of all the colleges we wanted to attend. Then, when it actually came time to apply to college, we couldn’t find the lists, so I ended up going to Wesleyan University • I have a Ph.D. in history from the University of California, Berkeley • I attended law school at Stanford University • I realized in the first hour of my first day of law school that I didn’t really like law, and that I had probably made a terrible, terrible, terrible mistake, and that I should leave immediately, but I decided to stay and finish out the next three years and practice as an attorney for ten more just to make sure I wasn’t over-reacting. I wasn’t • I'm pretty much done with school now.

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