I have a mom and a dad. Also, a sister • My mom was a much-loved elementary school teacher and an accomplished speech therapist, but she never did anything about my lisp, so for me her career is kind of a wash • My dad was a bee keeper, a neon sign maker, a substitute teacher, a postman, a gerontologist, a baker, a real estate agent, a farmer, a bus driver, a merchant marine, and an extravagant consumer of low grade marijuana • I’ve never seen my mom sleep or go more than two hours without eating an alarming amount of sugar • At the time it all went down, I was pretty sure my dad was the Unabomber • My first girlfriend was Nevin Parker. She once bought me a blue sweater and used to invite me to her country club. She was cool • My second girlfriend was also cool, but she didn’t know she was my girlfriend, so it was awkward sometimes. Breaking up was easy, though • I saw my sister a fair amount when she lived in Austin, even though I was living in LA. Now she lives in Santa Monica, 10 miles away, but across the 405 freeway, and I never see her • I was told, as a kid, that I was named after a great Uncle – I assume his name was Paul – who was said to have invented the tablet form of aspirin, whatever that means. The whole thing always sounded weird to me, so when I was fifteen, I tried to change my name to Pablo Amador. No luck • I have three kids and one wife • My wife claims she’s from England.

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