Transcript of Oprah’s Interview with Jooper van Breunykirk, recently declared 7-time winner of the Tour de France


Oprah:  When did you first learn you had won the Tour de France?

Jooper:  I won the Tour de France?  

Oprah:  7 times, from 1999-2005. Congratulations.

Jooper:  Wow. Thank you. (Emotional). Thank you very much. (Pause). I never raced in the Tour de France.

Oprah:  The World Anti-Doping Authority went down a long list of professional cyclists and you were the first clean rider they could find from those years.  

Jooper:  I was working at my Uncle’s bakery in Wijk bij Duurstede from 1999 to 2005.  

Oprah:  And now you are the most decorated rider in the history of the most prestigious bike race in the world.

Jooper:  Mainly we made stroopwafels. 

Oprah:  I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Please just answer yes or no. Have you ever used performance-enhancing drugs?

Jooper:  We’re talking about cycling, right? Or bedroom?

Oprah:  Cycling.

Jooper:  No.  

Oprah:  Have you ever used EPO?

Jooper:  Hippo? I’m sorry, your accent.

Oprah:  Do you feel like it’s possible to win the Tour de France without doping?

Jooper:  I feel like it’s possible to win the Tour de France without even racing in the Tour de France, so yes, I think so.  

Oprah:  Tell us a little about the culture of cycling. Did you ever feel pressure from other riders to dope?

Jooper:  I really haven’t ever had much contact with other riders. They ride so fast!  

Oprah:  Other than winning the Tour de France, what’s the best you’ve finished in a bike race?

Jooper:  114th. At the 2007 Tour de West Edmonton Mall. I guess I should check that now.    

Oprah:  We did. You won.  

Jooper:  Really? I ran over old woman coming out of Sunglass Hut.  

Oprah:  What do you say to kids out there who want to race clean?

Jooper:  I guess I’d say do it, definitely, and stick with it, and 10 years later you might find out you’ve won the Tour de France multiple times.  

Oprah:  Is there anything you want to say to Lance Armstrong?

Jooper:  Thank you?  

Oprah:  Are you still racing professionally?

Jooper:  I am still baking, yes.      

Oprah:   We’re just getting word now that you’ve been awarded the single-season home run record.

Jooper:  Is baseball, no?

Oprah:  Yes.

Jooper:  This is really amazing. Sitting here, talking to you, Oprah. Would you like a stroopwafel?

Oprah:  Thank you.

Jooper:  Is better warm.  

Oprah:  How does holding the single season home run record compare to winning the Tour de France?

Jooper:  It’s hard to say. They’re really very different. I’m proud of them both. Is there any chance I’m getting a car today?   

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