My favorite author is the 19-century French novelist Nicolas Alieste du Mautibier • My favorite movie is Charade • I listen to a disturbing amount of sports talk radio • I made up the name Nicolas Alieste du Mautibier • I maintain a really good football card collection • My favorite band is Radiohead. I also like The Game, The Shins, Willie Nelson, and Martika, though not in that order • I’ve read every Sherlock Holmes story multiple times. The only thing I’ve read more than Sherlock Holmes is Strange But True Football Stories. I’ve probably read Strange But True Football Stories a hundred times. Maybe two hundred. It’s part of the NFL “Punt, Pass and Kick” collection and it’s just a very solid read. I highly recommend Strange But True Football Stories • While writing this, I rewatched the video for “Toy Soldiers” and I’m now going to go ahead and remove Martika from that list above • My favorite musician is Sonny Stitt. He’s my favorite person, really – with the exception of some members of my family. In our house, there’s a big photo of Sonny Stitt, and not too much else • I excel at the following video games:  Pac Man and Double Dragon. I could definitely kick your ass at Pac Man and probably Double Dragon. Tetris, Centipede, Ms. Pac Man, Frogger are solid, but, look, I’m not going to get in your face about those. I can play a decent round of Paper Boy. I’m terrible at Galaga and Asteroids and, especially, Defender. Just terrible • If I had to choose between Disneyland and Walley World, I’d go with Disneyland, but it would be close • I was always a Borg guy • My favorite restaurant is Da Baffetto in Rome • My favorite hotel is the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo • My favorite television show is the one I’m working on • For me, a nice afternoon is sitting around in shorts, drinking a super hoppy IPA, watching video clips of Aaron Rodgers. Call it whatever you want.

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